Concrete lego blocks

 Concrete building blocks 

Our block can create transfer station walls bunds for aggregate or fuels blockers for unwanted guests on your land or property delivery and collection service available.

Due to the blocks weight 1.2-1.4 ton each even the largest loading shovels will not move these blocks also to the nature of the block no bonding material is required

The interlocking system also make the block very hard to move without the required machinery needing a lift height of at least 7 inches all round just to lift it off the inter locker making it ideal for stopping unwanted visitors n your land  

Concrete building block grade B £65 each or £10 per month hire + delivery charge.

Grade A from £95 collected delivery available @ Extra.

1600mm Long
400mm Tall
800mm Wide

Concrete  block mold for sale £1200
with copyright to copy our blocks