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Bulk waste tipping / shredded waste and trommel fines services

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At White skip hire we have invested in recycling and shredding machinery giving us the ability to
accept tipping from other company's looking for tipping arctic loads of waste and wood we also accept waste from
any other recycling company who can load articulated vehicles looking for a waste tipping outlet we also accept
waste from waste brokers looking for a no hassle outlet. 

We also accept shredded waste and shredded fines for tipping for use as alternative fuel.
So if your looking for trommel fines disposal or shredded waste disposal give us a call today.
The materials we are currently accepting for recycling and use as fuel  are as follows 

191207 Mixed wood untreated and shredded 
191210 Shredded waste material  

-50mm from Tana shark or Unth shredder or similar 

191210 Pre picked material with no more recyclable elements to recover 

200301 Bulk untreated waste from skip waste construction and demolition streams

200301 municipal waste from commercial sources with little or no recyclable materials. 

191210 trommel or shredder fines suatable for use as refuse derived fuel

Minus -300mm shred derived from waste that has been pre recycled

80mm shredded wood shredded or unshredded 

0-10% lol fines 

Don't forget we can also collect your waste in one for walking floor trailers