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Ordering your gardening and landscaping products from us couldn't be easier! Simply choose your item and call the number above to arrange delivery everything is free same day delivery except turf.
Our bulk bags come in a large builders bag weighing up to 850kg depending on product our builders bags are handy for tidy deliveries.
We also deliver gravel loose on a tipper truck all our gravels are avablible as a loose load on request and are sold by the ton.

After you chose your product click HERE to make your order on our online order form  or call us on
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Decorative Gravel for sale 

Recycled gravel 5-22mm £45 per ton 

Our cheapest gravel made from washing recycled stones
This is a building aggregate not a decorative stone.
*Please note recycled gravel can contain glass*


Graphite gravel 20mm  £65 per bulk bag 
Uniform grey gravel, ideal for decoration
and driveways. 
dark grey gravel for sale

Nordic 20mm gravel green gravel £65 bulk bag
Greeney blue shade gravel with white speckles. 
very hard wearing


Rockery stones 100-300mm £170 per ton 
Rockery stones are ideal for decoration
ponds and borders.

40 mm pebbles £80 per ton.
Marine beach Pebbles per ton 



Flamingo 20mm 
£160 Per Bulk Bag

A blend of pinks whites and blue marble
a marble decorative chipping from Spain.

Multi mix 5-15 mm £175 Per Bulk Bag
A mixture of white black and red gravel.

Buff Cotswold 20mm £65 per bulk bag or loose
A cream gravel Cotswold gravel is the most popular
decorative stone in the UK for its cream aesthetic look


Nordic Celtic chips 10mm£65 bulk bag 
10 mm green granite is especially hard wearing 
this decorative gravel is excellent for commercial 
walkways and decoration.

Pea gravel 4-10mm £65 Per Per Bulk Bag
Similar in colour to beach pebbles

Red gravel 14-20mm  £95 per bulk  bag 
A red/pink and black speckled gravel 

Marine gravel river gravel 20mm £65 per bulk bag  
Mixed beach pebbles also were known as river gravel
is a blend of whites creams and browns colours
typically found on beaches  

Humber cream 20mm £65 per bulk bag or loose
Our cream flint gravel is mainly cream with shades of brown
and light greys the gravel is flatter than crushed stone 

Dove grey gravel 20mm £65 per bulk bag or loose
Dove grey gravel by name is shades of the dove bird
giving shades of grey light browns and off cream colours

Buff  Cotswold Cream 20mm £65 per bulk bag or loose 

Spanish ice white 20mm gravel  £170 per bulk bag or loose 
Polar white as it is also known as a beautiful strong white 
ice white gravel or polar white is the closest gravel
to a pure brilliant white gravel in the world.

Decorative Slate Chippings gravel 
Plumb slate 40mm £95 per bulk bag or loose
Welsh slate from north wales


Blue slate 40mm £100 per bulk bag 
Welsh slate from north wales 

Green slate 40mm £100 per bulk bag 
welsh slate from north wales 

Hardcore crushed stone + type 1

Type 1 stone  £35 per ton 
Crushed limestone ideal for making  hard bases
it can be used for driveways or pathways
Type 1 road stone DOT type 1 and  MOT type 1 


Crushed brick and hardcore £30 per ton  

Sand/ballast/building sand
play sand sandpit sand concrete mix

Sand gravel (ballast) £45 Per Tonne 
A great blend of aggregate for making concrete

Complete concrete mix £90 per kit 
1 bulk bag of ballast and 8 cement 
just add water and mix to make concrete 
Makes roughly 750 litres of concrete 
suitable for paths garage and shed bases 

Cement in plastic bags £6.50 each 25kg 
100% waterproof bag can be stored outside 



Post mix ideal for fixing posts £5 per bag 
fast setting concrete sets in 10 min

Washed sand with certification
can be used for schools and public areas as well as
home sand pits

Certified for schools and play areas.
Sandpit sand / washed sand £100 Bulk Bagged



Sharp sand £40 ton  or bulk bag

Washed sand £60 bag 
An alternative to the sandpit sand can be used for 
garden areas and for decoration washed more thoroughly 
than standard  building sand 

Yellow building sand  £40 per ton 
Sharp / soft / building sand all £40 

Granite green sand  gorno sand £75 ton 
Green Grono sand is typically used under artificial turf
granite sand is popular for under turf


Soils / topsoils / compost 
£55 per ton or bulk bag
Certified to Pas 100


Rainforest topsoil improver £45 per bulk bag
Compost / Sand mix
Excellent for fruit Veg & potting

Fresh pas 100 garden compost  £50  bulk bag
Certified to Pas 100

A very fine compost some of the best
commercially available compost on the market


Landscaping soil  £35 per ton or bulk bag
Suitable for landscaping only 




Play bark £65 per bulk bag 
for schools and public areas 
with critical fall hight cert if required

Forest wood chip £40 Per Bulk Bag
bark chips 

Chipped trees made from soft and hardwood
Ideal for garden borders animal bedding or walkways

Dried fire logs £65 per bulk bag 
Railway sleepers 
Reclaimed sleepers 
Size 2600x250x150mm size aprox 
New green sleepers 195x100x2400 mm
Green tanalised £21 each 

New brown sleepers 195x100x2400mm
Brown tanalised £22 each 

Paving and edging 

paving slabs grey 450x450mm 


Buff paving slabs cream 450x450mm

Garden edging heavy duty 500mm long 

New and used scaffolding boards 
Scaffolding boards £13.50
13 ft long unbanded 

£4.50 per square metre
free local delivery is included

Hand selected stadium turf 
£5 m2 



Artificial grass cheap fake turf
On large orders or trade more discount


Landscaping weaved heavy-duty weed stopper 
£1 m2
100m2 roll £50

pegs for weed stopper 
50 pegs 


For health and safety reasons we advise customers to wear ppe when working with our products, we accept no liability for any damages after delivery. 
* donates delivery charge may apply