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3.5 ton mini skip lorry

We supply and build a various mix of 3.5 ton skip gear ideal for transit skip lorrys or simular
chassies will also make nice LDV skip lorrys or will fit on any flat back vehicle.

Our 3.5 ton skip bodys will fit on any flat back if your vehicle allready has a tipper or drop side we can
remove the body and make it in to a transit skip truck however we prefer to have a chassie cab to work on.

Our bodys arnt all singing with ram guards, steps,lights, or teliscopic arms our bodys are  functionable and affordable
and are  made to a standard to offer a long life time lighter vehicle weight and will make you more money than the compertition.

If you would like to come down and see our fleet of over 20 transits we run please come down and have a look. 

You wont find another new skip body for less than 10k our complete skip body including engine or pto is 5000 fitted 

We have no pushy sales men and we run 20 vehicles of our own so know the product inside out as we operate a large transfer station the majority of all empty
skip deliveries are with a transit style skip trucks.

General costing vs 7.5-18 ton skip lorry 
mini transit costing
 Running costing center Transit HGVSaving 
Driver wadges 7.5010+2.50 per hr 
Weekly fuel 100400+300 per week 
New tyres 35220195 per tyre 
monthly 2 monthly  saftey check 0100+100 per check 
serivices50350300 per service 
insurance500yr 2500 yr 2000 per year 
tax 200750550 per year 
MOT cost 25150125 per yr 

Please remember it is only legal for any skip lorry to carry 3x skips at any time out mini skip bodys in most cases will carry 3 skips and be under weight 

The advantages vs a large lorry 

No operators licence 
No drivers hours 
No days off required for drivers wanting over time 
Cheaper running costs
No tacho 
No road weight limits
less harmfull on environment

transit_skip_lorry_3         transit_3

transit_3            transit_skip_3

transit_skip_lorry            transit_skip_lorry__32

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mini skip lorry 3.5 ton

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lifting small skips